Triple Advantage Winter's Temptation

Triple Advantage Winter's Temptation

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Triple Advantage Group’s Winter’s Temptation is a blend of multiple turnip varieties and a hybrid brassica. The varieties selected in Winter’s Temptation have been shown to produce incredible amounts of forage and can handle heavy grazing pressure. Regrowth is phenomenal and will continue to produce into the winter. At the first hard frost the tannins in the leaves of Winter’s Temptation will convert to sugars and become extremely attractive which is perfect for that secret place you hung your tree stand. The bulbs of the turnips will also provide a valuable source of food into the later winter months to help keep your deer in good health. 

Plant: Aug 1 - Sept 15 

Size: 1.5 lbs.

Plants 1/2 acre

*Produces tons of highly nutritious forage.

*Great source of digestible protein.

*Persistent through heavy grazing pressure.

*Rapid establishment.

*Widely adaptable across multiple environments.