Triple Advantage Rebuild Mineral (8lb)

Triple Advantage Rebuild Mineral (8lb)

SKU: triple-advantage rebuild mineral (8lb)

Triple Advantage ReBuild Mineral has been developed around a single principle, increases nutrient bio-availability. ReBuild Mineral combines the highest quality products to deliver the most available sources of nutrients for your deer. We focused in on a vital component to your deer’s success, Calcium nutrition. Calcium is critical in building massive antlers, by helping doe’s to maximize milk production and it is essential in increasing the overall health of your deer herd. ReBuild Mineral tackles Calcium by utilizing three different sources, one of which is more available than Calcium sources found in other products. Combine that with highly available sources of Phosphorus, trace minerals and vitamins and you have the foundation to providing optimum nutrition for your deer. 

This is a 8 lbs bag.

*Multiple Calcium and Phosphorus sources for maximum antler growth and optimum herd health.

*Formulated with vitamins with Intelli-Bond technology.

*Proper balance of Salt.

*Easy use - pour near well used deer trails and/or in frequented areas.

*Part of Triple Advantage's management system.