Triple Advantage Kill Zone

Triple Advantage Kill Zone

SKU: triple-advantage-kill-zone-4-5

Triple Advantage Kill Zone is designed to be used as a way to draw deer into your favorite hunting area and provide a highly nutritious supplement all year long. Kill Zone contains multiple high quality proteins, essential amino acids, and is fortified with ReBuild mineral to provide an irresistible feast. Kill Zone promotes antler growth, increased body conditional and overall herd health. Also makes a great corn pile topper when trying to get rail cam pics of that monster buck or providing that perfect shot opportunity. When it counts, bring them in the zone, the Kill Zone. 

Available Sizes: 4.5 lbs and 25 lbs.

*Can be utilized as a year round deer supplement.

*Irresistible aroma and flavor.

*Promotes antler growth.

*Provides high quality protein and essential amino acids.

*Fortified with ReBuild mineral.

*Part of Triple Advantage's management system.