Spartan Direct Trail Camera Quick Aim

Spartan Direct Trail Camera Quick Aim

SKU: spartan-direct trail camera quick aim

Model - SC-MT-QA

The Quick Aim mount’s adjustable arm is constructed of die cast aluminum with a steel mounting auger. The mount includes a ball socket reaching a 360 degree rotation to position GoCams at any angle desired.

The Quick Aim Mount is equipped with a screw in style arm mount providing the ultimate mounting adjustability. To aim your camera in any position desired, the ball socket reaches a 360 degree rotation and tilts as much as 45 degrees up and down. Using the Quick Aim mount will allow Spartan users to post their camera up high and apply precise positioning to avoid the sun’s glare. The possibility of a high mount, provided by this bracket, also assures your camera is hidden from wild animals and people.


Screw in arm mount

360 degree ball socket rotation

45 degree up/down rotation