Rubline Scents Fresh Scrape

Rubline Scents Fresh Scrape

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How to use Rubline Scrape:

What is FRESH SCRAPE?  It's Rubline scents all season blend of non Estrus doe urine and 2.5 year old young buck urine.

This scent is used before season starts to the end of the season. It's a great scouting tool to use with your trail camera, on mock or natural scrapes to take inventory on the deer in the area. You can use it with game trends feature from your 'The Hunter Sight Journal'  to pattern deer movement in the area by using mock scrapes with drippers over them or using your BuckStik.

Tips for laying our scents

1 use a drag with fresh scrape and Estrus, a little Estrus max goes a long way.

2 cover scent, spray boot with Fresh scrape, also use spray bottle of Fresh scape to check wind directions. Just make sure not to spray it in your face.

3 drippers and wicks, dripper can be use in mock scrapes around your set. I will put two drippers over my mock scrapes 1 with fresh scrape and the other with Estrus max. Wicks can be use also just place the to the left and right of your set 15 to 20 yards. Just remember Fresh scrape will attract both buck and doe, I have never I my experience had a deer spoke on our fresh scrape. Our Estrus max don't over do it because I have spooked doe with it.

4 my favorite is using spray bottle, I will carry 1 bottle of FRESH SCAPE and 1 bottle of Estrus max. Fresh scrape I will use to freshen up drag line,wicks,my boots and scraps and use to check wind directions.

Estrus max I will use to do the same but NOT check wind directions. And remember a little ESTRUS MAX goes a long way.