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Horizontally presented, the RIPstik is the ultimate tool for creating interactive mock scrapes.  Scrapes, like rubs allow a buck to make his presence known to other deer in the area.  Typical scraping behavior by bucks involves leaving scent from the buck’s preorbital and forehead glands. With over 7’ of horizontal coverage, the RIPstik is irresistible to deer.  Perfect for field edges, wide trails, or attached to fence posts, the RIPstik drives bucks crazy.


7’ long two piece 3/8” fiberglass rod construction
Interactive vine braided with coconut fiber rope for the perfect scent wick
2 interactive forehead strips
2 sets of interactive leaf sections
Interactive coconut fiber rope section

Set of 3 separate gland scents – Preorbital, forehead, and interdigital – packaged in easy-to-use spray bottles **CAUTION – USE SPARINGLY AND ACCORDING TO DIRECTIONS TO AVOID 

SPOOKING DEER** - these are not like urines – they are very powerful communication tools and should be used properly.

Easy to use screw in mount

Stik pins to keep 2 sections securely together

Installs in minutes and creates instant interaction