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Bowstring activated dependability with no tools or assembly required and no holes that allow blood and other debris in to mess up your nock! Doubletake Archery brings you the next evolution in lighted nocks, The GloryNock, which is refreshingly simple to use and is available in a variety of colors and sizes to fit most arrows and crossbow bolts. Patent pending.

Comes 3 in a Pack

Helps to see shot placement & recover your arrow with super bright LED

Easy off design – no tools required

Lightweight, durable and bowstring activated

Available in multiple colors: red, blue, green and pink

Sizing Chart:

GloryNock-FIT fits most common arrow ID’s .204, .233, .244 and .246

GloryNock-GT fits arrow ID’s .245-.246

GloryNock-S fits arrow ID .244

GloryNock-X fits arrow ID .204