Buckstik-Complete System

Buckstik-Complete System

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BuckStik is a completely interactive tool used to attract dominant bucks to where you want them to be. It not only displays the three gland scents separately, it's also designed to hold their glands as  they intereact with it.

With BuckStik you can inventory your herd during the off-season and completely enrage your bucks during the rut!

 BuckStik uses the three main glands used to communicate through Rubs & Scrapes, therefore best performs from Aug/Sept into the stages of rut!

During the early stages of the rut, we suggest BuckStik be mock scraped and apply our BuckStik #4(Pure Tarsal Gland). Which tells the dominant bucks in the area they have some serious competition in their territory.

Simply stick it in the ground, apply the glands and let mother nature take over!

BuckStik complete system with 3 glands; Preorbital; Forehead; Interdigital. Also includes easy-to-use spray (5ml) bottles and detailed instructions. two piece design for easy transport. 

Completely interactive top leaves and organic rope for total interaction and gland collection. Interactive rough center strip for forehead interaction and collection of buck's scent. 

Steel powder coated step-in allows for added stability and easy installation. Ships complete in self-storage tube 3" x 40".